I am a data scientist at The Center for Educational Technology (CET). Previously a Research Fellow at The Center for Internet Research at the University of Haifa.

As an undergrad, I majored in Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and started to work as a teacher for 7 years. After I graduated the MA program in philosophy I moved on to work as a software developer. Volunteering in open-knowledge communities lead me to pursue a PhD. supervised by Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli in the University of Haifa.

My research projects all share an overarching theme: the desire to understand how questions and knowledge change peoples behavior. Currently my research focuses in the role of data journalism in the flow of information.

Presenting Open PISA Project in Education Technology Conference, Jerusalem, 2017


Open PISA (2014-2017) is a first attempt to make the OECD PISA data accessible and visual in order to encourage public understanding of education evidences. The project was supported by The Trump Foundation.

Project's presentation at The Israeli Visualisation Conference (Hebrew)

Narrative, Dreams and Imagination

Narrative, Dreams, Imagination: Israeli and German Youth Imagine their Futures (2010-2011) a collaboration of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Regensburg, and the University of Karlsruhe. Scholars and educational practitioners developed a set of scholarly and educational resources that explore questions of identity and citizenship to be used with Israeli and German high-school children as they reflect who they are and who they seek to become.

The project was supported by the Center for German Studies of the European Forum at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Children Do Philosophy

Children Do Philosophy (2006-2010) an education program for encouraging children to ask and discuss their interest in communities of inquiry. The program teachers are philosophy students. Dozen of schools in Jerusalem participated in the program and used the curiiculumn.

The project was supported by the school of education at the Hebrew University and the Jerusalem Foundation.

A News Article (Hebrew and Arabic)

Issawiya girls do philosophy.

I am a big fan of the R language. It is beautiful, intuitive and powerful but most of all has a great community. This is the wisdom of open-source world.

Unfortunately I started my way with .NET world. Several years after I learned Python and discovered the wisdom of Django and Heroku.

You can see my projects in my Github Account.

I mostly proud in my Open PISA project. Based on R, Shiny, ggplot2 and plotly. The infographics designed by Bella Gotie.

My interests are interactive visualization and open data projects.

Me and Prof. Trevor Hastie at the Israel Statistical Association Annual Conference, 2016

I used Wikipedia from the beginning although as many it took me a while to start writing. Although I spent a lot of time in Wikipedia -probably I could finish my research in the meantime- it is not ordinary to put it in a Curriculum Vitae. This page is dedicated to the thing I most proud of.

By 2017 I wrote more than 200 articles in the Hebrew Wikipedia. When I started I prepared topics which are not connected to my formal education. I imagined the criticism of my philosophy scholars. So I wrote about my heroes: great mathematicians. Later, I wrote also about philosophy, classical music and science. I am especially proud of Women in science and philosophy of the mind articles.

For me Wikipedia is the ideal way to share knowledge with people. While no one read academic articles, everyone read Wikipedia articles.

Wikipedia is also where I met Darya, proposed to her and married her.

Left to right: Jimmy wales, founder of Wikipedia, as father of the bride; Michal Lester, executive director at Wikimedia Israel, as best friend; me and Darya as Wikipedian couple; Jan-Bart de Vreede, chairmain of Wikimedia Board, as pastor; Dror, guest of honor. Wikimania 2015 Conference, Mexico-city, Wiki-Wedding session, Author: Ovedc


Jan 29, 2019

The Center for Internet Research
University of Haifa
Phone: +972-54-7820-256
E-mail: avnerkantor@gmail.com
Website: http://avnerkantor.com

Computational social science, Data Journalism, Public Understanding of Science, Wikipedia

2015-2017 Research Fellow at The Center for Internet Research, University of Haifa
2010-2012 MA, Department of Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2005-2007 Ed. D., School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2002-2005 BA, Department of Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1994-1997 Israel Arts and Science Academy

2015 The Trump Foundation for developing PISA data explorer (in collaboration with Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli)
2010 DAAD Center for German Studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for Israeli-German research project.(in collaboration with Dr. Jen Glasser)
2006 The School of Education in Hebrew University of Jerusalem for Philosophy in Primary Schools Project. (in collaboration with Dr. Jen Glasser)
The Jerusalem Foundation for Philosophy in Primary Schools Project. (in collaboration with Dr. Jen Glasser)

2018- The Center for Educational Technology (CET), Data Scientist
2012-2013 Elenxos, e-learning company, Programmer
2008-2011 Ministry of Education, Primary Schools, Science and Math Teacher
2004-2008 Jerusalem Science Museum, Guide and Team Leader
1997-2001 Israel Defence Forces, Science Technology Intelligence Analyst

2013 Kantor, Avner. “Dream and Hope.” Narrative, Dreams, Imagination 3 (2013): 33.

2017 “Education Data Journalism”“, The Israeli Visualization Conference (ISVIS), Haifa University, Haifa, June 27, 2017
“How can the public be encouraged to investigate educational questions? The PISA Citizen Science Project”, Public Engagement with Science Online – A Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation, Technion, Haifa, June 25t, 2017
“Big Data and Education: PISA Test”, INFO Annual Conference & Exhibition - Teldan Information Systems, Tel-Aviv, May 11 2017
2015 “PISA Data Explorer” Learning in a Networked Society (LINKS) Annual Retreat, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Sep. 8-9, 2015
2014 “Education Data Transparency”“, Learning in a Networked Society (LINKS) Annual Retreat, Haifa University, Sep. 18, 2014
2009 Thinking in Education: Inquiry, Creativity and Philosophy, Israel Arts and Science Academy, Jerusalem, Dec. 13, 2009
2007 The 13th biannual conference of the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 4-7, 2007


Sheizaf Rafaeli (PhD adviser)
Prof., Director of the Center for Internet Research
University of Haifa

Jennifer Glaser (Research Partner)
Dr., Co-Director of the Israel Center for Philosophy in Education

I am happy to hear any new research collaboration and answer questions regard my work.

My presentaions.

My email: avner@opisa.org

Cell: +972 54 7820 256